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You are in an organization that likes to give quality gifts made in Quebec to your employees, suppliers or customers?
Here are some gift sets available for businesses only

Scarlet Tonic

Scarlet Tonic


Mona & Daughters Blackcurrant Syrup
-Cranberry/Raspberry Juice
-Ocean spray
-1642 Tonic 
-NOROI bitters
-Bar mix
-Dehydrated Citrus
-Bamboo Pick
-Plastic Ounce Measurer


Gin ( optional )
-Shaker or Mason jar
-2oz water
-a 12oz glass

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Ma Caféine

Ma Caféine

No Christmas party? Treat your guests with great Quebec products, including 1642!

Ma Caféine offers, for the holiday season, different Christmas boxes for your employees with Quebec products ranging from mixology to entertainment. 

* For a mass delivery, contact

* Ability to personalize the boxes and add a note.

* Delivery available everywhere in Canada!

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