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Gin Tonic KM 12 & 1642

Published by Bastien Poulain the

When Monts-Valin meets Mont-réal, you get some great ideas.

Two family businesses join forces to create the first collaborative Gin Tonic!

Not just a numbers game, despite the name on the can, but a meeting of minds, values and above all (as you've often told us): a perfect match.

Our ready-to-drink 1642 & Km12 in 89 SAQ stores.

Jean-Philippe Bouchard (co-founder of Distillerie du Fjord) and Bastien Poulain (founder of 1642)

Discover an authentic Gin Tonic with home-grown flavours, the result of a collaboration between two companies that focus on the quality of their products to bring you a pleasurable experience.

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