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The best Gin & 1642 Tonic and 1642 Light Tonic combinations

Published by Bastien Poulain the

Best gin and 1642 Tonic & 1642 Tonic light

Our two master keys! 

As you leave, we'll give you a simple tip: 1642 Tonic and 1642 Tonic Light work very well with all gin tablets.

Not to disparage these very nice products, but these two tonics made with bitter quassia, spruce and lime pair very well with the gins. If you want to stay on the beaten path, you won't go wrong. Juniper berry (the aromatic base of gin), which gives the gin its bitterness, is very well put forward by our 1642 Tonic and our 1642 Tonic Léger!

In short, go with your favorite gin! You can be sure that its taste will be enhanced with our light and regular tonics.

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